Facial Transformation

When people tell me they didn’t even recognize me … I now know why. I resemble the same person, or as I’ve been told “You look vaguely familiar…”
After seeing this side-by-side comparison, I can now see why some give me a triple take because they’re not quite sure if I am who they think I may be!
The difference between the photos? 3-years.
The similarities between the photos? Same girl. Same type of car selfie ;).

3-years worth of weight loss transformation

I was going through my Facebook photographs and decided to show myself (and the world) my transformation in pictures.  The first photograph was taken May 2009.  I admit there are not a terrible amount of photos of me during my heaviest because the camera was not my friend (that is as long as it wasn’t JUST a face shot here or there).  Part of this goes into my denial of how large I truly was and my blinders not wanting me to see it before I was “ready” to.

One thing that is clearly evident is as I dove into my healthy lifestyle, I began to appreciate life more.  I began to truly smile in photographs. The happiness I began to learn to build was shining from deep inside me as it’d been hidden and lost for so long.  I didn’t mind having my photograph taken because it showed me the progress.  I saw the number on the scale while at my Weight Watchers weigh-in, but I enjoyed seeing me because that’s what mattered.  The way my clothes fit.  I started to want to wear clothing that was “flashy” (I’m not talking bedazzled I’m talking colors!) not the staple dark blue, grey, green and black I had become very accustomed to wearing.

These days, I try to not shun clothing when I see it on a rack.  A small part of my brain still says “you can’t wear that” but I still take items into the dressing room to try them on because you never know how something is going to fit until it’s on your frame.  Being a former morbidly obese person it’s surprising to step outside of your comfort zone.  For instance — the yellow shorts worn int he last photograph? I fell in love with them on the rack — the color, the style, but almost never tried them on because for 25+ years of my life I never wore anything that wasn’t above mid-calf level.  Turns out the shorts fit me perfectly and made me really actually LIKE the legs I “grew” into.

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