Trader Joe’s Uncured Pastrami

I have been trying more deli meats from Trader Joe’s because they are not preserved and do not contain any nitrates or nitrites. So, I picked up a package of the Trader Joe’s Uncured Pastrami to fry up for two different meals.
I enjoy pastrami sandwiches, but I do not purchase full-fat pastrami because it’s not worth the calories. With that I typically purchase Thin & Trim Pastrami which I enjoy but I have to admit, it’s not entirely reminiscent of old fashioned pastrami.  I find that this Trader Joe’s pastrami is straight up delicious. It reminds me of full-fat pastrami but a bit leaner and meatier. It has great flavor and can give your taste buds an occasional kick due to the black pepper rub – but it’s nothing overwhelming.
I sliced up some onion and dropped it into a non-stick pan and let them cook after lightly seasoning them with pepper and salt. I then measured out 4 ounces of pastrami and added each slice to the pan, letting it fry up on each side. When done I removed it from the flame and added it to pita bread, drizzled with mustard and topped with lettuce and tomato.  And I have to say … it was perfect. A filling and delicious sandwich which tasted a lot “guiltier” than it was.
A 2 ounce serving is 80 calories or 2 points plus values and a 4 ounce serving is 4 points plus values.
What is your go to deli meat?

Grilled Bologna Sandwich

Sometimes all a girl wants is a plain ole grilled bologna sandwich on pita bread.  That happened to be exactly what I was looking for the other day, so I decided to make myself one.  I don’t typically crave bologna, but when at the market I wanted something different and figured since I haven’t had the Thin & Trim Bologna in a while, I might as well!  In my opinion Thin & Trim deli meats are some of the best out there – they’re low in calories, VERY low in fat and are all extremely point friendly.  Thankfully they carry a variety of meats and all that I’ve tried have been quite yummy.
Now for my sandwich – I spritzed my pita bread (which I get from a local Lebanese bakery) with a little bit of spray butter, layered on 4 ounces of Thin & Trim Bologna, squirted in a little bit of spicy brown mustard and folded it shut. I spritzed the top and then just grilled it until my bread was nice and crunchy, which took under 5 minutes.
A quick 7 points plus lunch!
Have you tried any of the Thin & Trim deli meats?

Lunch: Chicken, Cheese & Tomato “Panini”

I had a major craving for a Panini so I decided to go ahead and make one at home which was to my liking while also being a lot healthier than panini’s you can grab out at sandwich shops.
I had picked up some local “sub bread” from my market for my boyfriend and while scanning the bread selection, I decided I’d throw 5 points at the bread and make a nice Panini and enjoy myself.  I measured out 4 ounces of Thin & Trim deli chicken breast, sliced up a roma tomato, split a piece of fat free American cheese in half and assembled my sandwich.  I spritzed each side of the bread with a little spray butter and put it into a nonstick skillet, pressing down lightly until it was golden on each side.  It was definitely delicious and quite filling.
For a side I snacked on this with some petite dill pickles.  Not bad at all for a 8 points plus sandwich (1 for the cheese, 2 for the meat and 5 for the bread).
Do you like making panini’s at home?