BzzCampaign Review: Pure Madness

I was selected to take part in the BzzCampaign for Pure Madness.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than possible truffles, or a coupon for truffles because I had never heard of Pure Madness before this invitation.
Upon receiving my package and taking a peak at the nutrition information – I had to say I was pretty impressed!  Gourmet chocolate that is “figure friendly”?  I’m a Weight Watchers member, and considering I’m not the biggest lover of chocolate (I prefer cake or pizza over chocolate any day) there are some chocolates that I just walk away from because it’s not one of my favorites OR they’re just not worth the points plus value associated to them.  Although I do have my moments where all I want is a piece of chocolate candy and I’m satisfied.  I find that the Pure Madness truffles are definitely a punch to my sweet tooth and one truffle is more than enough, even considering the truffles size.
Now by the truffles size, for a comparison I’d say they are similar to that of a dime.  They’re not big mamma jamma truffles that you can get at some other gourmet chocolate stores in the mall.  These are 1 to 2 bite sized truffles, which come in a variety of different flavors.  Some true to truffle flavors, others a “step to the wild side” for the “daring” (if you will).
Weight Watchers Points Plus wise a serving of 3 truffles is 3 points plus – 1 points plus each truffle.  Not a bad deal at all! Whereas it’s 5 points plus for a 1/3 serving of the chocolate bar.
The box I received contains 9 truffles – which is also available on the Pure Madness website ( ) for purchase (a $27 value).  The flavors provided in the box were: Classic (a milk chocolate + creamy milk ganache),Chili Lime (a dark chocolate + lime + chili pepper), Vanilla (a milk chocolate + creamy vanilla bean), Sea Salt Caramel (a dark chocolate + caramel + sea salt), Hazelnut (a milk chocolate + creamy hazelnut), Raspberry (a dark chocolate + berry ganache), Rum Raisin (a milk chocolate + rum + raisins), Espresso (a dark chocolate + roasted coffee ganache), and Dark Classic (a dark chocolate + pure chocolate ganache).
I also received a solid chocolate bar in the Smoky Almond flavor.  The bar is available on the Pure Madness website for $8.50.  The bar consists of milk chocolate along with smoked almonds. The flavors balance into a creamy, slightly salty, smoky goodness.
Overall the chocolates are a definite two thumbs up.  They’re tasty, versatile and just overall delicious.  Along with my box I received a few 15% off Coupon Codes which I can provide to anyone who will use them (and please only ask for a code if you will use them).
If you’ve had truffles in the past – what is your favorite brand?

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