Hot Dogs and Beans

Hot dogs and beans are a classic combination which I have always enjoyed.  I’ve learned quickly that sugary baked beans can quickly add up in not only fat and calories, but more importantly Weight Watchers points plus values!  I prefer homemade baked beans hands down, but when you’re in a pinch classic B&M (or even Bush) baked beans do the trick for me.  If I want to save a few points plus values, but still get the classic flavor of baked beans I purchase vegetarian baked beans.  They offer the same flavor, just without the bacon and usually the extra sweetness from added brown sugar.
I had a few Hebrew National 97% fat free hot dogs leftover so I sliced them up and heated them through in the microwave.  I also heated up the can of beans in the microwave and lunch was done and ready to eat in under 3 minutes.
I had ½ cup of B&M Vegetarian baked beans (3 points plus) and 3 Hebrew National 97% fat free hot dogs (3 points plus) alongside some reduced sugar ketchup and spicy brown mustard.  It was a delicious, quick, easy and only 6 points plus dinner.
Do you like hot dogs and beans?