Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Veggie Pasta

Ever since childhood, I’ve been a fan of macaroni and cheese. I don’t make macaroni and cheese often because if I make it, typically only I will be eating it and normal box of macaroni and cheese makes 4 servings. I spotted this Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Veggie Pasta and was intrigued because 1) it contains vegetable pasta and 2) there are only 2 servings in the box, so I picked it up.
I boiled my pasta and when done I strained it and put it back into the pan. Since I never put butter/margarine in my macaroni and cheese, I gave it a few spritz of spray butter, dumped in the cheese packet and added 2 tbsp of skim milk. I stirred it all up and found it actually incorporated together a lot better than the original mac and cheese. It’s also not as yellow/orangey as the original. Taste wise, I have to honestly say it is better than the original. It’s not as sticky, it’s enjoyable, and it’s light but filling with a protein alongside it.  I enjoyed this so much I made sure to go back to the store I found them at and pick up 2 boxes to have in the cabinet since this isn’t sold everywhere.
A serving is 1 cup (half the box) and is 250 calories (that is without the directed use of milk and butter) or 6 points plus values.
What is your favorite macaroni and cheese?