DiGiorno Pizzeria! Primo Pepperoni Pizza

Ever since I tried the DiGiorno Pizzeria frozen pizzas my boyfriend and I have been obsessed with the line.  I did a mini review on the Supreme Speciale which is my favorite from the line that I’ve tried so far.  My boyfriend likes pepperoni pizza the best, so we’ve purchased a few of these (check the DiGiorno website for $2 off printable coupons).
Back in my “hay day” DiGiorno rising crust pizza was one of my favorite frozen pizzas.  That is, until I joined Weight Watchers and I found out 1/8th of a rising crust pizza was a serving and that serving was about 9 points at the time.  That was not worth it so for the longest time I straight up refused to purchase DiGiorno pizza.  I swayed over to thin crust pizzas, etc … that is until this delicious line hit grocery sore freezer shelves.
This is the first line of pizza that I had found that was what I consider points plus friendly, had a significant puffy crust, great tasting sauce and yummy toppings.  The top is a little greasy, but it’s what you’d expect with any pepperoni pizza.  The crust is lightly seasoned, which is out of the norm for frozen pizzas.  I also found the pepperoni pizza is child approved … we had a pizza “party” with my niece when she came over and she quite enjoyed it – so much that she had two slices!

The greatest part is 1/4th of the pizza is only 9 points plus values.  Quite a steal, if you ask me, especially since I am a die hard pizza lover.
Have you tried any of the DiGiorno Pizzeria! pizzas?

2 thoughts on “DiGiorno Pizzeria! Primo Pepperoni Pizza

  1. I haven't tried them yet. My favorite pizza right now is the California pizza kitchen thin crust pizzas because I can eat half of one and my husband eats the other half and its only about 550 calories. I don't know how the weight watchers points systems works, I count calories and use my fitness pal to keep track. But I like trying new things and they do sound good so I'll be trying them!

  2. There are a few CPK pizzas that I love! My favorite is the BBQ chicken. Another favorite (which sadly was limited edition) was the Jamaican Jerk pizza. If I recall correctly, CPK pizzas I can eat 1/3 for 8 or 9 points plus values. It's not bad at all. With a salad on the side it's a great meal … and like you, it's perfect for my boyfriend and I because he can eat the rest (if he chooses) or we can put the rest in the fridge for whenever someone wants it next. If you do try the DiGiorono pizzeria line … I'd suggest the Supreme one first. It's probably hands down THE best frozen pizza I've eaten in a long time!

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