Haul: Weight Watchers 50th Anniversary Cookbook

About two weeks (or so) ago I received an e-mail alerting me that a new 50th Anniversary Weight Watchers Cookbook was released to select retailers.  I was immediately intrigued because at first I thought it might only be available at Weight Watchers locations.  I then glanced through the e-mail and noticed it listed the retailers that were selling the product.  That of course meant I immediately started clicking on the company links and comparing prices.  I found that Walmart and Amazon were the most comparable in price, Amazon being slightly cheaper.
Since I am an Amazon Prime member, I decided to order it through them so I could get 2-day shipping.  The original price is $29.99, but I got it on sale for $17.27 on Amazon (please keep in mind prices fluctuate daily on Amazon).  The cookbook is also available at Target, Walmart, Barnes & Nobles and even select wholesale clubs (i.e., Costco, BJ’s, etc.).
The book is hardcover and is also available through Amazon for the Kindle.  As with all Weight Watchers cookbooks the book itself is very versatile and ranges all over the board.
Have you purchased any Weight Watcher cookbooks?

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